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If you have been around LiveJournal for awhile you are probably familiar with this system. Sometimes members feel uncomfortable or they can't be bothered to email or message a mod privately when they have a question. This system will be the quickest and easiest way for members to keep in contact with the mods.

It's pretty simple..

You can use this system to ask or vent about anything concerning Kstewartfans. If you want to ask about promoting something or if you want to affiliate your community with Kstewartfans, this is the place to do it. We are always looking for suggestions on fun and interesting things for the community, so please feel free to leave your ideas here.

We really want to encourage everyone to use this to it's fullest potential, so we can make Kstewartfans an amazing experience for everyone. So ask away!

All comments are screened, and when a mod replies to your comment, she will determine if the comment should still remain screened. If it's a private matter, we will respect your privacy and the comment will remain screened permanently.

Do not be afraid to contact us, we all will be happy to help you in the quickest and best way possible. :)

If you do not have a Livejournal account; you can contact us at
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